Welcome to my 2013 PCT blog. I'll be using this site to share my experience with friends and family so check out what I'm doing and how I'm doing it throughout the summer.


These are some of my first steps on the PCT a few years back. Note the absurdly large pack and heavy boots - things will be different this time around!


  1. Noah, your bolg is very impressive on many levels. I will follow it religiously. Was Peter Pan your first hiking companion? If "yes", then I much prefer The Profet to Tinker Bell. Rock On, Mr. Man. Love You, Vince

  2. Noah, it's really interesting seeing your pictures and reading your take on the trail, as my two best friends are blogging their PCT trip at the same time! Super cool seeing the ways you guys are viewing the same things!

  3. Great photoblogging, sir! Will look forward to following your continuing journey. Cheers and Citra to ya- Roberta

  4. Hey Prophet,
    I was with the group of 11 who ran into you three guys late last night (Monday, August 19th) just after sunset on Mt Hood. We were all returning from a side trail that gives a spectacular view of the full moon rising over Hood! If you're on Facebook, take a look at Jerry King.
    Wish we could have visited longer, but I had a bunch of folks to get back home. Say hi to Two Liters and Four-Fifths (yep, that's what we're all calling him) and I wish you continued good fortune as you head north. I hope to follow in your footsteps in 2016, upon retirement!
    Jerry - "The Old Surveyor"